Jivagram – Your one stop Health Care


Healthcare in the current day, is as profitable as it is flourishing, as an industry, with the demands for digital support, increasing, by the hour.

With mobile apps domain, emerging as an open ground, aside the traditional technology platforms, digital solutions in Healthcare space, have seen a significant rise helping people find the nearest doctor or hospital on the go.

Healthcare, as a domain, encompasses, several entities besides doctors, hospitals and patients.  While several solution providers clamor to provide targeted digital solutions in the space, the unchallenged significance of the time in the healthcare industry, demands a more holistic solution that touches the various entities of the healthcare domain on a global scale.

Saligram building on its past experience in the healthcare space and expertise in the digital solutions space, brings to the table, a holistic healthcare solution, Jivagram (meaning lifeline), a complete health management application suite, accessible on the go via any smart device (phone, tablet, laptop) that caters to the wide consumer base that includes individuals, service providers and professionals, to manage their health profile, services portfolio, customer base and professional accredits.


The solution covers the entire gamut of activities in the healthcare domain beginning from the front end search activities, records management and linking, external systems integration for information search and regulatory compliance that include finding doctors in specific neighborhoods, localities or within a specific radius, within specific insurance networks or out, scheduling appointments, reviews, ratings, maintaining health records, maintaining lab works, x-ray records and results; managing vital health information, medication, prescription, pills reminder by SMS  and application compliance with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

The solution aims at –

  • Ensuring Regulatory Compliance Privacy & Security (HIPAA, FDA)
  • Provide a seamless and consistent user experience for consumers across systems (external and sub-systems)
  • Ensure an integrated information experience for all consumers
  • Ensure integration security with external systems (applications from other providers) in the domain such asPharmacies, Labs
  • Secure Records Management that include Health Information, Dosages, Drugs, Medications, Test Results, Research Material, Patient Records, Insurance & Claims
  • Ensure a scalable solution built on the latest technology stack, allowing for a quicker adoption and easy operability and continued technology support from the software vendors

With familiar usage model and effective as the evolving technology, Jivagram aims to be an essential component of the healthcare lifeline in thefuture.