QA & Testing Services


QA & Testing Services

Efficient Product Quality and Performance will take your business to higher levels of organizational success.

Inadequate Quality Assurance (QA) and testing processes result in production failures, which in turn can have a costly impact on the overall business. Changing customer requirements, technology and market dynamics demand faster test cycles, reduced times to deployment and improved testing efficiency and software quality–all at lower costs. High-quality testing requires meticulous planning, skilled resources, the right processes, effective tools and a focus on knowledge management.

If you’re seeking better strategies to deliver faster, effective & efficient testing that you can count on at a very competitive cost, talk to Saligrams.

We’re a leading Quality Assurance and Software Testing services organization. For almost 20 years, we have been helping 1000’s of organizations improve IT quality management and deployment, maintain control over constant changes and reduce delivery costs with our combined onsite and offshore model. We’re known for our high standards, ability to deliver great results and for being a very customer-centric company. Our core goal is to provide business value–along with offshore benefits of minimized costs, superior customer experiences, and without compromising the product quality.

Saligram’s QA & Testing Services include:qa_testing-new-img

We have extensive experience in serving customers in a wide variety of markets, including Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Publishing and Education, Banking and Financial Services, Transportation and Logistics, Technology, Insurance and Telecom. By leveraging in-depth experience across a wide range of industries, our experts provide innovative and best-of-breed services and solutions that bring revolutionary results through improved situational awareness, just-in-time decision making and enhanced business agility.

Contact us to today to learn more about how Saligram’s QA & Testing Services can help you to achieve Effective & Efficient performance, reduce costs and release products faster.